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About Us

September 29, 2019


Natasha Nurse  

Speaker | Coach | Content Creator | Podcaster


5 Things to know about Natasha: 

  • She is a Virgo 
  • She is OBSESSED with elephants 
  • She loves the library, film, television, audiobooks, podcasts, and social media 
  • She believes retail therapy is a real thing 
  • Her life motto: Learn something new and meet someone new every day! 



Kahlil Nurse  

Technology Consultant | Car Fanatic | Gamer | Podcaster


5 Things to know about Kahlil: 

  • He is the go-to person for all tech needs of friends and family 
  • He has 3 brothers, just like his wife 
  • He was born in Hollis, Queens 
  • He LOVES almost all types of music (especially Metal/Industrial) 
  • He adores animals (especially itty bitty kitties and endearing orcas)  


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