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Episode 181: Meet the Founder and CEO of Crediverso

February 17, 2021



Meet Carlos Hernandez 

Carlos Hernandez is the founder and CEO of Crediverso, the first online financial products marketplace built for the US Latino audience. After earning his JD and MBA at Harvard, Hernandez worked on Wall Street and noticed few Hispanics in leadership. He was offered several jobs but declined them all, deciding to help Latinos gain access and become more financially literate. Crediverso is his way of building a platform to address the disregard for the power of the Latino dollar.  

Similar to Credit Karma and Experian, the online destination will provide information and clear comparisons for credit check services, credit card offers, loan options, and remittance, completely available in English and Spanish. The site endeavors to become a reliable resource, including short tutorial videos, debt and spending advice, budgeting tools, and more to equip Latinos to make smart and informed personal finance decisions. 

Learn more about Crediverso HERE

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